How to order

First time customers

  1. You can place an order by using "Order form" (for new customers) .
  2. We will send you a confirmation with invoice number to your e-mail address.
    (usually within 3 business days.)
  3. After you have checked the order, please send us your card information by using our secured webpage.
     It will be specified in our confirmation e-mail.
  4. We will start to process your order when we receive your credit card information.
  5. We will ship your order when all of your order is ready and charged to your card,
     also notify your EMS tracking number by e-mail.
  6. In order to keep our prices competitive, we do not offer discounts for orders less than 20 items.

Returning customers

  1. You can place an order by using "Order form" (for returning customers).
  2. We hold the information of your mailing address, zip code, country and telephone number in our records.
    So you do not need to enter the information again.
    We can identify you by your full name and e-mail address. If you changed your address from the time of previous order, please let us know your old and new address.
  3. When you receive our confirmation e-mail, please send us your credit card number as you have done before. We will no longer keep your card information in our files for your safety.


  1. If our "Order form" does not work on your browser, please send us the following information by e-mail.
    Your full name / mailing address, country / zip code / telephone number /
    Your order (Manufacturer's name, item number, price)
  2. If you do not receive our confirmation letter within 3 days after ordering, please let us know by e-mail. Occasionally, customer may have sent us the wrong e-mail address and our reply may not have reached you.
  3. Usually it takes 1-2 weeks to gather your order. However,  some items may require more time. In such case, we will notify you. Rarely, the item you have ordered may be discontinued.  In such case, we will notify you by e-mail and process your order without the discontinued product and bill you the balance.