Shipping method

Shipping method

We normally use EMS (registered express postal airmail) as standard shipping method. EMS is offered by Japanese Postal Service and have been shown to be reliable method  for shipping. You can track your package using the tracking number.  We will notify you what your tracking number is when we make the shipment.
We won't use UPS or FedEx since their offices here in Japan will not accept adult goods.
Revision(Jun,2016)Since Japanese post office raised the fare, we use registered airmail(with a tracking number) for 1 or 2 items shipping.

Delivery time

Once the order has been placed, it usually takes 1-2 week for the manufacturer to deliver to us. ( we do not hold stocks in our warehouse in order to keep the prices competitive)
We will not ship your merchandise until all of your order is ready.
EMS air delivery takes 3-4 days to Asia, 4-5 days to USA, approximately 1 week to Europe and Australia.

Shipping fee

It depends on where you live and the weight of your order.
We have prepared "Shipping fee chart" to give an estimate of what the shipping cost will be.


We use a white parcel for orders less than 7 disks. (picture)
Cardboard shipping box will be used for orders over 7 disks. (picture)

Sender's name

Your package will be shipped from "Cosmolink Sales Co."

Description of contents

Usually we declare the items as "DVD", but you may choose the following descriptions.
[Computer Software], [Educational material] or [Training material]

Removing  cover pictures

If you wish, we can remove the cover with the printed pictures and put the disk into a plain case.
Additional handling fee of $0.50 per one disk is required for plain case shipments.
If you ordered plain case shipment but wish to obtain the cover pictures also, we can ship the pictures separately in a plain envelope at additional fee of $3.00