-Shipping fee Chart-

Numbers of Disk East Asia North America, Australia Europe South America
1* US$9.00 US$10.00 US$10.00 US$12.00
2* US$11.00 US$13.00 US$13.00 US$15.00
3,4 US$14.00 US$20.00 US$22.00 US$24.00
5 US$15.40 US$21.80 US$24.00 US$27.40
6 US$16.80 US$23.60 US$26.00 US$30.80
7 US$18.20 US$25.40 US$28.00 US$34.20
8 US$21.00 US$29.00 US$32.00 US$41.00
9,10 US$24.00 US$33.00 US$36.50 US$49.00
11,12 US$27.00 US$37.00 US$41.00 US$57.00
13,14 US$30.00 US$41.00 US$45.50 US$65.00
15-17 US$33.00 US$45.00 US$50.00 US$73.00
18-20 US$38.00 US$52.00 US$58.00 US$88.00

1,2* = shipped by registered airmail with a tracking number